Schooltas op de vlagpaal

While cycling through the buurten (neighbourhoods) of Den Haag, on the way to explore the beautiful sand dunes that make up the Meijendel reserve between Scheveningen and Wassenaar, I was fascinated by the sight of numerous, seemingly liberated school bags suspended from flagpoles that protruded from houses and apartments. Fluttering Dutch flags shared the poles … Continue reading Schooltas op de vlagpaal

Fietsen, fietsen and more fietsen…..

The importance of fietsen (bicycles) in Dutch culture is visible and tangible, but what is the symbolism underpinning this globally recognised phenomenon? Spend any time hanging on a street corner at various times of the day and you will observe the many and varied uses of the humble two-wheeler. Actually, some are not so humble … Continue reading Fietsen, fietsen and more fietsen…..